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Hanson’s Local Buses started life back in the early 1980’s as a driver training operation. The company was originally based in Wordsley, near Stourbridge in the West Midlands, and was established by Margaret Hanson. Today, Margaret is still running the company along with her daughter Louise.

In the early days Hanson’s trained drivers for all types of vehicles from cars and light commercials through to buses and coaches.

The transition to a coach operator began in the early 1980’s. The management saw an opportunity to provide good quality coaches for day trips and excursions to the local community. Originally Hanson’s operated a single coach but the operation soon expanded and a small fleet of coaches continued to grow within the leisure travel sector.

In 1986 there was a major change to legislation surrounding the governance and regulation of local bus providers. This was known as deregulation and, for the first time, allowed private operators to enter the bus operator market place.

Hanson’s seized this opportunity and soon began operating as a fledgling bus provider. Soon the bus service superseded the coach operation and the company began to invest more resources into acquiring a larger fleet of buses.

From this modest beginning the company has grown into the current Hanson’s Local Bus Company. The company now operates a modern fleet of some 25 buses which provide reliable transport services on a wide range of routes throughout the Blackcountry and West Midlands.

Now Hanson’s Local Buses are a common sight on the areas roads and the company has a loyal customer base and also a loyal following of enthusiasts. It is with the assistance of one such enthusiast, Tom Brant, that the website contains an enthusiasts page dedicated to photographs and statistics concerning the fleet.

Customers requiring information about routes and timetables can find details and links on the relevant page within this website.

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